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Businesses are using cloud computing services more today than ever before and we agree that this is a best hosting practice. With distributed networks or Cloud Computing you are less vulnerable to catastrophic data loss. We provide the best in St. Louis secure, high-tech, storage facility for hosting business critical systems and data. This is the business model of the future and we embrace cloud computing whole-heartedly. If you are storing your data with a single-server or even mirrored single-location server then you are inviting disaster.

Distribute Networks and Cloud Computing

Any data your store with us or any hosting service we provide for you is mirrored on out-of-state backup servers. A distributed network means that your data is backed up and hosted at multiple physical locations at the same time. The benefit of this system is easy to understand. Even if catastrophe strikes at one physical location the second site provides redundant backup. If you think your data is safely stored at a single location we disagree. We've seen everything from fires to floods, from lightning to poorly driven forklifts. It's a dangerous world out there and your data needs redundant, cloud-based, distributed network locations.


Our data is locked behind firewalls with state-of-the-art encryption. Anyone that tells you that their security is unbreakable isn't being honest but we use best practices when it comes to making sure your data is never compromised. If you store your own data then you must spend a great deal of time and energy on security issues to prevent easily preventable breeches. We'll take care of all those issues.

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Please call us today at 855.441.6190 or 314.333.3330 to find out more about our SharePoint Hosting services. See our Contact Us page for more information.



Our Web Hosting Service allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We provide space on our server for use by our clients. Our servers are located in a secure location with out-of-state mirrors to provide for continual service. We can also help you Develop your Website or even Train You on various web technologies! We are a virtualized environment so when business increases and your site sees more traffic it's very easy for us to simply allocate more memory. It's a matter of changing a few parameters and your customers will see an instant increase in speed. Our technicians can make these sorts of adjustments at a moment's notice.


Your databases are a critical component of your business operation and we offer secure, always available hosting to ensure that you never experience downtime. Offsite, mirrored, cloud based redundancy ensures the best service possible for your data access. As always, our virtual environment is easily adjusted for your business needs. Start small and cheap and grow with the business without major time and expense. All that is required is a few simple changes on our end and overload situations are immediately solved.

Server Monitoring

We have the best Server Monitoring software available and track your servers twenty-four hours a day to ensure your systems are always running at peak operational performance. Our technicians instantly receive a notification if anything goes wrong on and move to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If you are not using server monitoring you risk extended down-time and sub-optimal performance issues.

Spam Filtering

This issue has become so complex and time-consuming that most in-house IT staffs have a difficult time doing their regular job and monitoring the vast amounts of spam that must be filtered every hour of every day. In addition there are sometimes mission critical messages that, for some reason or another, are blocked by today's modern spam-filters. We can help. Our team is always on alert to make sure you are getting only the messages you want to see and getting them in a timely fashion. If you want the Best Spam-Filtering in St. Louis then call us today!

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is the server side of a client–server, application product developed by Microsoft. Exchange's major features consist of electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks; that work with Microsoft Outlook on PC and Mac, wireless synchronization of email, calendar, contacts with major mobile devices and browser-based access to information; and support for data storage. In today's always-on business environment your employees need access to their email and calendar information no matter neither their location nor the time of day. We can provide you with Exchange Hosting that is always on and always supported. With Microsoft's massive overhaul to HotMail this service will surely become even more critical in the years to come.

Citrix Server

With XenApp and XenServer Citrix has moved into the virtualization world right along with Microsoft. This is a change that can be difficult to implement when you have never worked with virtualization before. We are a virtualized business and know all the ins-and-outs of the conversion process. We can help you make the transition to this new, and better, way of computing.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Systems

Despite the best efforts of all involved, disasters happen. When these sorts of events occur it is vital to make sure your data is fully backed up and ready to be reinstalled at a moment's notice. We can help by providing Backup Services. In addition it’s best to an emergency plan in place and be ready to go as soon as it is, if ever, required. All too often we've seen companies using sub-optimal backup processes and information they thought was safe was never backed-up in the first place. You must not only implement a backup process but you must ensure that it is successfully taking place on a regular basis.


Our skilled network technicians provide network solutions to our clients every day. When they have time they make these solutions available to the public through our blog. If you are having any network trouble then please take a quick look through our Blog for great ideas and information! Even if the solution to your network issue isn't listed in the blog don't hesitate to Contact Us and we'll be happy to troubleshoot.

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