With the release of Office 2010 Microsoft disabled the ability to look at other people's calendar on your ToDo bar. This has caused much consternation and there isn't really a usable workaround but you can achieve some happy joy-joy using delegates.

In Office 2013 the ToDo bar has been removed in favor of Peeks. This Peek area is essentially the same as the ToDo Bar and according to what I read will support upcoming appointments on other calendars.

I think the best solution is to grant Delegate access to the calendar desired and while you won't see the appointment on your ToBar you will, at least, get reminders for events on that calendar. It's basically pretty simple. Go to the secondary profile desired File Tab - Account Settings - Delegate Access and then Add the person who will have the rights. Make sure to check Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me.

Then that person must Open the delegated Calendar. If they want to receive reminders in a timely fashion they might want to make sure to set them far enough in advance as they won’t see the appointment on their ToDo bar until Office 2013 is installed.

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