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Heartbleed Exploit

HeartBleed is a newly found OpenSSL exploit. It has been getting a lot of attention in the last few weeks because it leaves a large security hole on he majority of encrypted websites on the internet.

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Find Template Used with WordPress

This plugin identifies what template a particular page is using. It can be a real hassle in WordPress to figure out which template is being used on a page. Who among us hasn't typed "asdf" at the top of a template and then refreshed half a dozen pages trying to find the right template? Go ahead, raise your hand if you've done it!

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TinyGrab: A free alternative to Droplr

Droplr is a popular screen-grabbing tool that allows you to quickly take a picture of a selected part of your screen and automatically upload it to the web, allowing you to instantaneously share screenshots with colleagues. However, they recently have removed their free plan. We wanted to explore free alternatives before switching over to a Droplr paid plan. After a little research I found TinyGrab, which offers all of the features we need with a number of features on our “wishlist”. These features include: Automatically uploading selected-area screenshots to the web Automatically put the URL for the screenshot in the clipboard Screenshot mode triggered with hotkeys Uploading to a 3rd party hosting service Option to upload to our own sites using SFTP/FTP To use TinyGrab, the first step is to register and download the software. Once it is installed, you can change your upload destination using the TinyGrab preferences. You can either upload to TinyGrab’s hosting ...

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Writing a Custom Credit Card Payment Extension for Magento

Create a custom payment extension for your Magento installation to use with your own payment processing provider such as Paytrace or Stripe.

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Chrome Full Screen Alt-Tab Closes Window

The most recent version of Chrome causes a very annoying bug when trying to view full screen windows for streaming applications or just in general. Normally when in Full Screen view a Windows user can press Alt-Tab to switch to another window. With the new version of Chrome this causes the Full Screen window to close. Arg. Google is aware of the problem and promises to fix it with the next update.

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Google Smack Down on Rap Genius is Instructive

One of the primary methods of "cheating" the system is something called back linking. One of the important factors in getting your business to the front page of a search result is if there are other websites out there linking to your websites, backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more the Search Providers consider you a reliable and relevant webpage. Thus your presence on search results goes up. This is a known.

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GP Dynamics 2010 Smartlists – The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized

After rebuilding the SQL Server and restoring databases due to a catastrophic hardware failure that even corrupted the redundancies, once users tried to open certain smartlists, they received an error

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Guide to Magento Theming

A Magento theme is essentially a group of files that define the look, feel and overall layout of your store. Magento allows the use of multiple concurrent themes, and is not restricted to a single, active theme like WordPress. In this way, you can customize every aspect of your store while not having every page adhere to the same theme. This guideline will help you better understand the aspects and elements of a theme, as well as the basics of building your own. NOTE: This tutorial does not cover theme installation. For instructions on how to install a theme please refer to this post. Basic Model (In Hierarchal Order) Website Level – One or more store of the same customer/order information, shopping cart, etc. Store Level – A collection of store views. A container to group all related products. Store View Level – Essentially Store Level, but slightly different. Typically used to display Stores in different languages. (French, German, etc.) *Multiple sites and stores c ...

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Magento Nav Menu not Displaying

There's an interesting little quirk to Magento where the Navigation menu do not display even when you've told the particularly categories to show. There's a quick fix to the problem but it's good to know before you create an extensive category system.

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Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter 2012 Upgrade Issue – Error attempting to get report status. The operation could not be completed due to a failure on the server.

This past weekend I upgraded a client’s installation of Microsoft Management Report v.2 to 2012. After transferring everything and testing it, I reported it ready for production. Soon after, I got an email from a user with the attached screenshot of the error message he received when generating a report in the updated Report Designer: When I went into Report Viewer, I found that the reports had been generated and I was able to open them in the viewer. I just could not open the reports from within Report Designer. The issue that I found was that at one time, the Terminal Server that the application runs on at one time had Google Chrome, but Chrome had since been removed. In the time that Chrome was there, the user had had Chrome set as the default browser. Since Chrome had been removed, Internet Explorer had never been reset as the default browser (this being a Terminal Server and the users were trained not to use a browser from the remote desktop). Once I set IE as the default browser, Management R ...

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